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  1. Mike Dare

    February 17, 2016

    The debate over cricket umpiring errors, particularly in relation to no-balls is ridiculous; there is a simple solution: KISS (keep it simple stupid) it as follows:

    If a bowler bowls a no-ball (his whole foot over the bowling line) then it does not matter, do not penalise him.
    If the batter hits that ball for runs then all is normal, the batter gets those runs and the bowler goes back to bowl his next ball.
    If the bowler gets the batter out then only that ball is checked by the third umpire using the DRS system. If its a no-ball then the batter is not out. That’s a big enough penalty for the bowler.
    This will work, as the bowler really doesn’t want to bowl any no-balls because he doesn’t know which ball is going to get a wicket.

    For the batter, having the bowler bowl a ball with his foot fractionally over the line will make little difference to the time it takes for that ball he is bowling to get to the batter. In playing a shot the batter cannot differentiate between a legitimate and an illegitimate ball and so plays the intended shot anyway.

    An additional benefit will be a quicker over rate generally devoid of no-balls.

    • Hi Mike

      Thanks for your comment. Your suggestion is interesting, but it has one practical — and, as far as I can see, insurmountable — problem.

      You suggest: “If a bowler bowls a no-ball (his whole foot over the bowling line) then it does not matter, do not penalise him.”

      If that rule was adopted then bowlers could bowl the ball from 12, 10 or even two yards from the batsman thereby giving them a massive and unfair advantage. It just wouldn’t work. Like in all sports, the rules have to draw a line somewhere and the umpires must penalise players who overstep that line.

      All the best.



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