Phil Hughes: The Matt Hayden of Our Age

August 23, 2014


Note: this piece was published on The Guardian Sport Network on 23 August 2014. By SB Tang Once upon a time, there was a left-handed opening batsman. He was born in a small country town in one of Australia’s northern states and grew up on a remote farm, dreaming of playing cricket for Australia. He broke into […]

Germany Wins World Cup, Saves The World

July 14, 2014


By SB Tang Here’s my piece for The Classical,”Germany Wins World Cup, Saves The World“.

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The Socceroos Deserve A Kinder Fate Than Rhaegar Targaryen

June 24, 2014


By SB Tang Note: this piece was published on The Guardian Sport Network on 23 June 2014 Before Australia’s opening game against Chile, I wrote an (unpublished) article suggesting that, against Chile and Spain, Ange Postecoglou should abandon the possession-based, high-tempo, high-pressing style that he preaches — because both nations execute that very same gameplan better […]

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Oh, Bugger, the Dutch are Playing with Three Big, Tall Centre-Backs

June 18, 2014


Note: this piece was also published on The Guardian Sport Network By SB Tang No-one, it seemed, whether it be within or outside Australia, gave the Socceroos a hope in this World Cup. According to the FIFA rankings, they were officially the worst team to make it to Brazil. A pre-tournament headline in Marca, the Spanish newspaper […]

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Michael Clarke: The Cricket Captain Modern Australia No Longer Deserves

March 10, 2014


Here’s my piece for The Guardian titled, “Michael Clarke is the cricket captain modern Australia doesn’t deserve”. The Guardian have kindly given me permission to publish my director’s cut of my Clarke article on my blog. Please see below. ***** Fifteen per cent. That’s an approval rating that would’ve even made the then Leader of […]

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An Open Letter to the South African Test Cricket Team

February 20, 2014


Note: The Guardian published an abbreviated, 1276 word version of my open letter to the Proteas on 20 February 2014. They’ve kindly given me permission to publish the full version of my letter on my personal blog. Here it is: Dear South African Test Cricket Team For most of the past five years, you have been the […]

A Darwinian World

February 12, 2014


By SB Tang The result of the Ashes — 5-0 to Australia — was surprising. But the manner and causes of that glorious Australian whitewash, just the third in the Ashes’ 131-year history, told us absolutely nothing that we didn’t already know about the current state of the Australian cricket team. Even before the commencement […]


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